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The Xcelerator run by TAU Ventures in partnership with the Shabak,  Israeli Security Agency (ISA) is a unique incubation program for early-stage commercial ventures with groundbreaking technology.


Contrary to initial instinct, the program is designed for startups developing civilian and commercial technologies (not just Homeland security), that can benefit from various tech experts, unique databases, technology validation from the ISA and support of TAU Ventures team.


Chosen startups enjoy a holistic accelerator program that includes tailor-made workshops and business mentoring, POC with the ISA, connections with investors, and a $50,000 grant NO EQUITY! The Xcelerator is now in Cohort 6.

Program Alumni

XTEND aspires to empower humans with advanced Extended Reality Technologies based on Drones, AI, VR, GFX & Computer Vision. Their technology enables an immersive flight experience for various applications.
#virtualreality #drones
Clone cuts down in construction time by virtually teleporting architects & engineers from their offices to job sites, enabling them to communicate with job site managers as if they are standing on site.
Cyabra defends leading brands and governmental organizations against disinformation campaigns (a.k.a. “fake news”). Cyabra unique solution alerts and eliminates early stage attacks.
#fakenews #Newmedia
| Talamoos is a leading Artificial Intelligence based prediction platform, providing a scalable machine learning application that improve business performance by anticipating customers’ needs & turning these insights into actions.
A secure communication collaboration platform for law enforcement, military, government, first response, public safety, and other mission-critical applications.
#commandandcontrol #telecommunications
Cyberpion monitors online assets and their connections. Our product, HackerPOV, is a SaaS solution that continuously searches for your oranization's assets and their connections, detects changes that affect the security of the organization, and provides alerts and active protection.
Canny AI is an early stage startup working on the next step in evolution - the universal, everlasting human. Our unique solution for Video Dialogue Replacement (VDR) perfectly syncs between audio and video, and changes the way we create, consume content and communicate.
Actifile leads the emerging category of information security for the contingent workforce. Ensuring compliance with HR and data security needs, while empowering external workers and respecting both the worker’s and customer’s privacy.
DigitalOwl developed an AI system for underwriters and claim analysts. The system reads, understands, and analyzes medical documents automatically and quickly. Using a state-of-the-art NLP engine, the system extracts the relevant medical information that is necessary for assessing risk or managing a claim.
Automato is a robotics company in Israel developing horticulture robotics. Our first robot will work in passive (soil) greenhouses/high-tunnels. This affordable robot will autonomously maneuver in the greenhouse, detect ripe tomatoes and harvest them with consistent quality.
NeuraLegion, the winner of the CyberTech TLV 2019 most innovative startup competition. With NexPloit, the world’s first AI powered AST solution, we revolutionize application security for DevSecOps.
Alternate Reality with a single-tap. We reinvent reality manipulation in images and videos with a revolutionary deep-learning technology
Seekuence is using deep AI to extract behavioural insights from encrypted traffic in real-time, and without decryption. The Seekuence HLS solution offers profiling, suspect detection, and fake-news tracking in messaging apps; while Seekuence BI offers detailed market \ consumer analytics and profiling for ad targeting
White Raven develops AI-based Visual Positioning software.Our systems recognize buildings, landmarks, and other objects in the physical world and can determine a camera’s location, direction, and what it’s looking at. This technology replaces and provides redundancy to GPS and other positioning systems, delivering superior accuracy and user experience
Decodea model humans’ ability to reason, conceptualize, identify and focus on a few key data points. The algorithms can break the glass-ceiling of contemporary AI, enabling computers to explain their decisions; significantly improve the performance and robustness of reinforcement learning algorithms.
CADY's mission is to fully automate the inspection and verification of AI technology. By detecting errors at an early stage, CADY improves and expedites the design process, yields a significant saving of money and resources, reduces the final product’s “Time to Market” and contributes to the quality, reliability, and safety of the final product.
Detomena tells the story of how users behave and interact on new digital financial networks. Detomena creates user-centric blockchain profiles for business growth and risk management using our advanced AI-driven profiling platform.
High Lander provides a scalable, software-only platform, which enables coordinated air continuity, autonomous flight, and intelligent air space control. High Lander's drone fleets have the ability to massively change many industries, from emergency services, to utilities, agriculture, construction, and more. High Lander has created a unique solution that overcomes the existing limitations of commercial drone use.
IReX Detection is developing a novel line of products for the detection and identification of bulk explosives. The IReX sensor, bringing new and needed capabilities at a low cost, will serve a large existing client base and further extend it to new users and use cases.
AI is vital in visual data analysis but requires powerful processing servers while compromising cost, performance, and privacy. Asio's artificial-intuition system extracts only the relevant data from any video source, allowing robust, real-time, and adaptive video analysis service. Asio's solution is compliant with data protection regulations while significantly reducing cost and network reliance - unleashing AI's power anywhere, from remote and scattered outdoors sites to urban privacy-sensitive locations.
Omnistream's technology offers professional broadcasters and media enterprises a paradigm shift in engagement. By leveraging the power of off-the-shelf hardware (smartphones or a video encoder), Omnistream deliver a reliable cellular uplink channel that significantly reduces the high costs of satellite broadcasting and eliminates the need for complex, heavy dedicated hardware.
AIvIA (AI Video Imagery Analysis) is developing innovative and breakthrough video analytics technology to decode patterns of life and detect real-time anomalies. Our software solution turns video streams from multiple cameras into a neat collection of numerical data without the need for neuronal network training and pre-set scenarios.
Cyronix provides cloud penetration systems, creating boundless opportunities to gain intelligence in a world of ever-growing challenges. Our unique approach harnesses communication protocols to simplify and scale-up cyber operations for the vast majority of cloud services: Gmail, iCloud, Facebook etc., on any device and on any operating system.
SNDBOX protects your organization from malicious malware using an undetectable kernel-mode agent and Deep Learning. SNDBOX's scalable solution is the fastest in the industry, providing accurate verdicts in under 60 seconds.
Automated platform for detecting vulnerabilities in any IoT firmware file.
#cyber #IoT
Improving the speech recognition accuracy of all languages, accents and dialects.
#voice #machinelearning is an image processing software company using next-generation prediction-based Image Signal Processing (ISP) to exponentially improve the quality and detection of images and videos
Aerium is an aerospace company, developing end-to-end UAV solutions.
Tigon Recruiter provides enhanced recruiting capabilities resulting in  shorter time-to-hire and significant cost reduction in recruitment cycles
SoniCracker applies AI based audio processing and intent analytics to serve multiple market verticals, such as banking and insurance companies, by making usable the vast amount of wasted audio recording.
DTect provides authentication and identification solutions according to biometric behavioral parameters based on the analysis of a person's unique dynamics.
Canditech allows companies to evaluate candidates by creating tailor-made job simulation tests to predict job suitability.