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XTEND aspires to empower humans with advanced Extended Reality Technologies based on Drones, AI, VR, GFX & Computer Vision. Their technology enables an immersive flight experience for various applications.
Hoopo’s unique technology helps transform logistics operations into a smart digital system using its low-power tracking solutions. Its cost-effective, end-to-end, tracking and monitoring solutions help optimize processes in supply-chain, airport operation and more.
Cyabra defends leading brands and governmental organizations against disinformation campaigns (a.k.a. “fake news”). Cyabra unique solution alerts and eliminates early stage attacks.
Automated platform for detecting vulnerabilities in ANY IoT firmware file ArcusTeam platform automatically analyzes IoT firmware files via unique reverse engineering and vulnerability evaluation technologies. 
GlobeKeeper Virtual Command Platform (VCP), introduces seamless experience of real-time video streaming, push-to-talk, instant messaging, location tracking and IoT integration in one place, replacing the old radios, improving officer's "blink" time by 60% and helps them save lives.
Decision support system for utilizing industrial 3D printing. Our software provides technical analysis and cost saving advice for manufacturers which can optimize their production costs and save long lead times.
Loola is a multi-channel, cross platform, interactive live streaming platform that makes it super easy for content creators and brands to broadcast beautiful content to their social channels from any device
Medorion is developing a patient engagement platform to help managed care organizations to efficiently carry-out digital persuasion campaigns. The platform uses behavioral based rules & AI to predict the best personalized persuasion strategy & executes it through various digital marketing channels.
Treebute is a business intelligence platform for decision support in the corporate setting. Focused on technological trends, scientific-research and global tech business activity - Treebute provides a new level of situation awareness for the business development manager in the knowledge - age business. 
There are many ag-tech analysis technologies, yet, no data. InnerPlant is the data provider. They use synthetic biology, sensor systems, and data science to create living sensors. Their plants detect fungi, insect, and general stress within hours of infection and generate an artificial optical signal collected remotely.
VoicEncode's technology improves the speech understanding accuracy of all languages, accents and dialects. VoicEncode algorithm encodes human voice into an effective consistent representation, which improves speech recognition systems accuracy significantly, and reduces the costs by simplifying the machine learning models and their complex creation and calculation processes.
myAir is a personalized functional food company, specializing in stress management. The company develops stress-relief nutrition bars based on machine-learning technology for personal deep profiling, offering a long-term personal stress management routine.
Swimm is a tool helping engineers contribute to codebases at speed and scale. Teams can easily onboard new hires, immerse in multiple codebases for new projects, and outsource work with peace of mind and ease. Swimm units highlight important parts of the codebase and automatically generate smart walk-throughs for teams and individuals.
Youtiligent is an IoT solution that uses machine learning to learn machines. With their product, Youtiligent enables vendors and service providers to understand the consumption behavior of their devices, improve the communication with their customers and address their challenges and needs and finally connect, communicate, personalize and tailor their supply routes and maintenance requirements according to real-time data analytics.
Gaviti is an automated receivable management solution that empowers the receivable collections task owners, allowing them to get more of their invoices paid, faster. Gaviti helps businesses to accelerate cash-flow, reduce write-offs and increase productivity with their automated cloud solution that manages visualization, automation and optimization.
Modelity Marketplace offers a disruptive solution that enables financial institutions, and retail banks in particular, to provide clients from all market segments with a vast selection of tailor-made, on-the-fly investment products. Modelity Marketplace utilizes its award-winning AI-based technology to manage the full life-cycle of a financial product as well as provide streamlined connectivity to the world-leading investment banks.
CADY is developing an automatic inspection and verification software using cutting edge AI technology to detect commonly found errors in electrical schematics of PCBs. By detecting errors at an early stage, this solution improves and expedites the design process, yields significant savings of money and resources, reduces the final product’s “time to market” and contributes to the quality, reliability, and safety of the final product.

Incubation Program’s Alumni

ForceNock developed a patent-pending, state-of-the-art machine learning, behavioral and reputation-based security engine for Web Application and API Protection (WAAP), that provides highly accurate protection, is simple to deploy and demands zero tuning
D-ID protects photos and videos from face recognition while keeping them similar to the human eye. . D-ID enables organizations to comply with regulations and protect biometric databases.
Clone cuts down in construction time by virtually teleporting architects & engineers from their offices to job sites, enabling them to communicate with job site managers as if they are standing on site.
| Talamoos is a leading Artificial Intelligence based prediction platform, providing a scalable machine learning application that improve business performance by anticipating customers’ needs & turning these insights into actions.
Infinidome develops GPS/GNSS cyber protection solutions which defend any GPS based system against jamming and spoofing.
Intelici has developed a new technology for identifying and preventing advanced viruses and threats already from their initial propagation stages - long before they can cause any damages from an ISP network view. 
Cyberpion monitors online assets and their connections. Our product, HackerPOV, is a SaaS solution that continuously searches for your oranization's assets and their connections, detects changes that affect the security of the organization, and provides alerts and active protection.
Canny AI is an early stage startup working on the next step in evolution - the universal, everlasting human. Our unique solution for Video Dialogue Replacement (VDR) perfectly syncs between audio and video, and changes the way we create, consume content and communicate.
Actifile leads the emerging category of information security for the contingent workforce. Ensuring compliance with HR and data security needs, while empowering external workers and respecting both the worker’s and customer’s privacy.
1702ai is a real-time weapon threat detection system that uses already installed standard CCTV cameras. Powered by artificial intelligence 1702ai helps prevent acts of terror.
Most software QA is still done manually, by unskilled & underpaid workers. Evo.Do is using cutting edge reinforcement learning AI technologies to create tester-bots which perform the same tests - cheaper, faster and more reliably.
DigitalOwl developed an AI system for underwriters and claim analysts. The system reads, understands, and analyzes medical documents automatically and quickly. Using a state-of-the-art NLP engine, the system extracts the relevant medical information that is necessary for assessing risk or managing a claim.
Automato is a robotics company in Israel developing horticulture robotics. Our first robot will work in passive (soil) greenhouses/high-tunnels. This affordable robot will autonomously maneuver in the greenhouse, detect ripe tomatoes and harvest them with consistent quality.
NeuraLegion, the winner of the CyberTech TLV 2019 most innovative startup competition. With NexPloit, the world’s first AI powered AST solution, we revolutionize application security for DevSecOps.
Alternate Reality with a single-tap. We reinvent reality manipulation in images and videos with a revolutionary deep-learning technology
Seekuence is using deep AI to extract behavioural insights from encrypted traffic in real-time, and without decryption. The Seekuence HLS solution offers profiling, suspect detection, and fake-news tracking in messaging apps; while Seekuence BI offers detailed market \ consumer analytics and profiling for ad targeting
White Raven develops AI-based Visual Positioning software.Our systems recognize buildings, landmarks, and other objects in the physical world and can determine a camera’s location, direction, and what it’s looking at. This technology replaces and provides redundancy to GPS and other positioning systems, delivering superior accuracy and user experience