Our Portfolio

XTEND aspires to empower humans with advanced Extended Reality Technologies based on Drones, AI, VR, GFX & Computer Vision. Their technology enables an immersive flight experience for various applications.
#virtualreality #drones
Helping engineers contribute to codebases at speed and scale to easily onboard new hires, immerse in multiple codebases for new projects, and outsource work with peace of mind and ease.
#AI #developers
A patient engagement platform to help care organizations efficiently carry-out digital persuasion campaigns.
#behvioralscience #digitalmarketing
An automated receivable management solution which helps businesses to accelerate cash-flow, reduce write-offs and increase productivity.
#payments #fintech
Hoopo’s unique technology helps transform logistics operations into a smart digital system using its low-power tracking solutions. #supplychain #logistics #supplychain #logistics
Cyabra defends leading brands and governmental organizations against disinformation campaigns (a.k.a. “fake news”). Cyabra unique solution alerts and eliminates early stage attacks.
#fakenews #Newmedia
Automated platform for detecting vulnerabilities in any IoT firmware file.
#cyber #IoT
A secure communication collaboration platform for law enforcement, military, government, first response, public safety, and other mission-critical applications.
#commandandcontrol #telecommunications
Decision support system for manufacturers utilizing industrial 3D printing.
#3Dprinting #manufacturing
Synthetic biology, sensor systems, and data science to create living sensors for plants to detect fungi, insect, and general stress within hours of infection.
#agtech #sensors
A personalized functional food company, specializing in long-term stress management.
#foodtech #wellness #foodtech #wellness
An IoT solution that uses machine learning to enable vendors and service providers to understand the consumption behavior of their devices, improve the communication with their customers and address their challenges and needs.
#IoT #AI
A disruptive solution that enables financial institutions, and retail banks in particular, to provide clients from all market segments with a vast selection of tailor-made, on-the-fly investment products.
#fintech #investments
A business intelligence platform for rapid innovation sourcing.
#businessintelligence #AI
Improving the speech recognition accuracy of all languages, accents and dialects.
#voice #machinelearning
Loola is a multi-channel, cross platform, interactive live streaming platform for content creators and brands
#newmedia #streaming
An automatic inspection and verification software using cutting edge AI technology to detect commonly found errors in electrical schematics of PCBs.
#printedcircutboards #inspectionandtesting
Verobotics develops advanced robotic systems for high-rise building maintenance tasks #robotics #proptech
InCredi optimizes the way business debt is deployed underwritten and monitored, in a way that will provide both lender and borrower clarity and full transparency. InCredi redefines and enhances business lending using an AI-based underwriting engine that analyzes granular business-data sets, resulting in better and faster credit decision making.
Skillset is an innovative hiring platform that can efficiently source and vet Qualified Candidates based on proven skills alone.
Deeto is a B2B sales enablement platform, providing smart real-time connections between customers and prospects, assisting in the decision-making process, while analyzing & distributing precious data
The amplifAIr™ solution enables banks and credit institutes to significantly increase their profits and ensure fair credit policy, by remediating blind-spots that are prevalent in credit models
Momentick is a disruptive deep-tech computer vision company that develops technologies that analyze and detect Methane and other GHG emissions using satellite imagery. Momentick's unique IP in autonomous computer vision & Geospatial intelligence enables us to accurately detect and identify materials, landscapes, and gases.

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