We are TAU Ventures

The first university-based venture capital fund in Israel

At TAU Ventures we break new ground. We believe that it takes more than capital for a startup to thrive. It demands more than the brightest brains. Goes beyond having awesome technology. That’s why we provide a supportive home-base for our founders at the beginning of their journey.

Our Investment Strategy

We have our own unique investment approach that infuses the first capital of up to $500k into companies to give them a strong launchpad. We look for strong teams and groundbreaking technologies. In our opinion, product is overrated. It will likely will change along the way. Ultimately, we want to work with good people.

Our Value-Add

Our founders are warriors – people who have the guts and stamina to build and scale a global company, are willing to take risks and move quickly. Together, with our world-leading team of experienced mentors and industry partners, we empower startups in their critical early steps.

At our 1000 sq meter co-working office space located in Tel Aviv, we work shoulder to shoulder with our startups and founders, nurturing their growth and cultivating the strength of our home-grown ecosystem on a daily basis.

Tel Aviv University

With the TAU brand and resources, we open doors to an array of opportunities for our portfolio companies around the world, including providing access to world-class knowledge and connections.

Things We Are Not

We are not into long, draining investment processes - we like to keep it short and simple with minimum bureaucracy.
We are not an accelerator. Alongside our VC activity, we operate an accelerator in partnership with the Israel Security Agency providing a technological sandbox for startups.
We are not Tech Transfer. So there are no IP issues to consider.