By TAU Ventures & Shabak


Program dates: 

November 2023 – March 2024

The Xcelerator by the Israeli Security Agency (Shabak) and TAU Ventures

Are you an early stage startup with groundbreaking technology?
Already have or working towards your MVP?

Apply for the Xcelerator and receive a $50,000 grant NO EQUITY

Join us!

The Xcelerator is open to startups
from all CIVILIAN verticals

We would especially like to see solutions from:  Unmanned Vehicles, AI Data, Webint, Cyber-Security, Automotive, Sensors, Quantum Technology, Interactive Learning, Energy or any innovation tech you think we’d find interesting.

Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

6 startups will be accepted to the program
Registration closes on October 15, 2023.

Information in this form will be reviewed by the program directors and selection committee only... Trust us, we can keep a secret...

The 4-month program offers:

The Challenges

Unmanned Vehicles

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Autonomous platforms, possessing non-standard capabilities in the areas of navigation, sensing, location and detection, alongside operability in diverse working environments.


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Digital transformation tools including; Data analytics and Insights, AI Infrastructure & GenAI capabilities.


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Video, Image and text processing; Social media monitoring and Deep-fake detection. Data enrichment tools.


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Anomaly and attack detection, prevention and defensive capabilities utilizing AI.


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Advanced detection and sensing capabilities.


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Recognition and processing utilizing advanced sensors.

Quantum technology

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Sensors, Communication, Computing.

Interactive learning

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Knowledge integration and management, Engagement tools.


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Storage and energy-saving optimization technologies

Application Process

Interested Israeli companies must fill in the online application form. TAU Ventures will contact shortlisted companies within three to four weeks of submitting the application, notifying them on initial results and where applicable, the steps ahead.

About The Garage

The Garage is the ISA innovation arm, founded in 2017 allowing an ongoing knowledge sharing platform with leading players from various industries, to create an agile growth engine for the ISA.

The Garage maintain a strong relationship with the innovation ecosystem, such as; startups, corporates, VC’s, governmental, intelligence and security agencies, in Israel and beyond, touching upon domains, such as Fintech, Social networks, AR, Quantum Computing, Bio-Mimicry, Gaming and more.

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We’ve received your submission to The Xcelerator by TAU Ventures & Shabak. 

Thank you for applying! 

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted to schedule an in-person interview with representatives from TAU Ventures & Shabak. 

Thanks again and we will contact you soon!

The Xcelerator was founded in 2018 by TAU Ventures and the Israeli Security Agency (Shabak), one of the leading, technological & operational organizations in Israel and worldwide.
The program is designed for outstanding teams developing a unique technology that may have a multi use application, that are seeking to gain traction at an early stage via an exclusive POC-oriented program. Contrary to the initial instinct, this is a program designed for civilian and commercial companies in various verticals (not just Homeland security), that can benefit from various tech experts, unique databases, technology validation, and more.

In addition to an exclusive opportunity for validation and POC with the Shabak, the 4-month program offers $50K grant (no equity), alongside tailor-made business support from TAU Ventures team, access to industry experts and mentors, various networking opportunities, cloud credits, and free office space at the TAU Ventures 1,000m co-working space.

Recombinate was founded by TAU Ventures and AB-InBev, the world’s largest brewer. The program is designed to de-risk many of the failure points of venture development, Both from the perspective of the client (MNC), and from the perspective of the startup; As part of the program, up to 6 startups will be selected to embark on a joint R&D and/or pilot activity with AB-InBev. Both joint R&D and piloting activities will be entitled to funding from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA).

The program aims to produce innovative solutions for AB-InBev’s business needs, based on participating startups’ proprietary technology, focusing on a multi use approach enabling companies to explore further use cases than the ones they are already targeting. Potential outcomes include procurement, the forming of a joint venture, a co-selling agreement, or a form of technology licensing with AB-InBev.

Participating startups will be selected by project champions from within AB-InBev, who will closely work with the startups and have a vested interest in their success. As part of the program, companies will receive curated support from TAU Ventures global ecosystem, including industry & academia experts and service providers, and will work closely with AB-InBev’s champions.