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Dan Brahmy
CEO @ Cyabra
"TAU Ventures has transformed us (at Cyabra) from wantrepreneurs to a full blown startup. We consider ourselves, without a doubt, very lucky to have them as our new family."
Aviv Shapira
"After working in the startup ecosystem for 10 years, founding 3 companies, out of which 2 were sold, I finally found a home. TAU Ventures is the home for the XTEND team, giving us the space, support, funding and atmosphere to take-off and make our dreams come true. The uniqueness about TAU Ventures is on one hand the freedom to operate, strong connection to everything Tel-Aviv University has to offer and constant deal flow of potential customers, mentors and investors"

Our Portfolio

XTEND aspires to empower humans with advanced Extended Reality Technologies based on Drones, AI, VR, GFX & Computer Vision. Their technology enables an immersive flight experience for various applications.
Hoopo’s unique technology helps transform logistics operations into a smart digital system using its low-power tracking solutions. Its cost-effective, end-to-end, tracking and monitoring solutions help optimize processes in supply-chain, airport operation and more.
Cyabra defends leading brands and governmental organizations against disinformation campaigns (a.k.a. “fake news”). Cyabra unique solution alerts and eliminates early stage attacks.
Automated platform for detecting vulnerabilities in ANY IoT firmware file ArcusTeam platform automatically analyzes IoT firmware files via unique reverse engineering and vulnerability evaluation technologies. 
Decision support system for utilizing industrial 3D printing. Our software provides technical analysis and cost saving advice for manufacturers which can optimize their production costs and save long lead times.
GlobeKeeper Virtual Command Platform (VCP), introduces seamless experience of real-time video streaming, push-to-talk, instant messaging, location tracking and IoT integration in one place, replacing the old radios, improving officer's "blink" time by 60% and helps them save lives.
Treebute is a business intelligence platform for decision support in the corporate setting. Focused on technological trends, scientific-research and global tech business activity - Treebute provides a new level of situation awareness for the business development manager in the knowledge - age business. 
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Dotan Bar Noy
CEO @ ForceNock
"From the very beginning, it was clear that TAU Venture was a very professional team, making decisions quickly and being true to their word. I was very pleased with their insiders’ knowledge and their ability to contribute to the company. They were constantly on the look-out for opportunities helpful to ForceNock, and backed ForceNock from its earliest beta up until its acquisition by Check Point"
Omer Ben-Ami
CTO @ Canny Ai
"Being part of this group of entrepreneurs was extremely empowering, during and after the program"

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